MYEEUUSee network television advertising to enhance the effect of tips

In order to improve the

UUSee network television advertising to download and install and activate the number, please Adsense on their website page with the following code generation after each page will pop up top mounted UUSee television network that effectively guide users to download and install, activate

! Thank you for your cooperation!

< head>
< link href="" media=" all" rel=" stylesheet"
type=" text/css" />
< script type=" text/javascript" src=&; quot;" > < /script>
< script type=" text/javascript" src="" > < /script>
< script type=" text/ javascript" src="" > < /script>
< /head>
< body>
< div id=" S_wrap" >
< /div>
< /body>
< script language=" jscript" >
var u=" myiee"
var; c=" your Digital ID"
< /script>
< script type=" text/javascript" src="" > < /script&>

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