Beginner must see money fraud alert network training

A new industry with the rise of the Internet as

Wangzhuan formed, has now become like a raging fire. Wangzhuan to its legendary, great convenience, utility to attract a large number of employees involved in the network. With the popularity of the Internet continues, some non internet practitioners have also joined the ranks of the beginner.


China Wangzhuan the immature development of the Internet and especially novice users lack the ability to identify, lead to higher appeared a lot of abnormal phenomenon, the scam Wangzhuan training is one of the most rising industry criticism of the evil one.

Wangzhuan training, it is easy to understand, is through online or offline training, teach you the skills and methods of wangzhuan. Some Wangzhuan training people could brag about their so-called legend, earn tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of millions, speak like a lot of RMB as if it were raining flowers, where you get, as long as you pay the money, we can immediately several times or several times hundreds of times to earn the cost of training…… Many novice can easily be confused, imperceptibly made training, but only got some garbage to garbage, based not based on the so-called Wangzhuan Wangzhuan cheats, the so-called secret, the so-called Wangzhuan book……

follow these cheats to implement Wangzhuan book, not only to make money, but also may engage in their own confused and disoriented, and have come to understand a little bit, you go to the training of people, or the so-called Wangzhuan master already away, or will tell you for all sorts of sophistry, no problem, no problem is a problem for you. The implementation of…… N also cited many examples, looking for more than N support, so that you believe, not his way, he is not a liar, but you are stupid.

occasionally encountered a few dare to reveal the truth of Professor Wangzhuan line under the training course, but also some of the country all over the world and hit a big liar, cheat your huge training fee, casually than you a website, SEO, network promotion knowledge, to leave the territory, with your training fee bought a plane ticket fly to the next city to get money, you for a long time, finally found himself deceived, want to find the person, then you will find his address, his phone, even his real name, no one can find the real information with him, he will not leave

to you!In fact,

itself is not a scam Wangzhuan, via the Internet, some website construction, website promotion, website operation, and the opening of Taobao stores through the Internet, selling some of their own skills, or through a network of part-time reliable to make money, this is possible, that the larger, Baidu and Tencent are engaged in Wangzhuan industry that is through the Internet to make money.


gave very Wangzhuan copycat very bad impression, is completely the Wangzhuan liar caused by them, for selfish, what niubable dare to use unscrupulous divisive tactics, what big blow, dare to say, what dare to engage in legend, the whole industry is in a miasma of Wangzhuan chokedamp! Like this should get a is an evil member of the herd. Cry for those so-called "!

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