How do foreign Wangzhuan earn dollars

I do Wangzhuan also have a day, which sour, sweet, bitter, hot everything, currently in development scale Chinese Wangzhuan industry lags behind other countries, so now do Wangzhuan is mainly made of foreign projects, since it is a foreign project that is naturally has some special requirements, such as basic English or need, and because all of these sites in a foreign country so the choice to be more careful, otherwise the loss is very difficult to recover, especially the need of investment project. So today I will talk about how to do Wangzhuan abroad, say wrong, please enlighten.

I according to whether Wangzhuan abroad require participants to have a website for the standard will be divided into two categories:

, a web site does not need Wangzhuan project


project is now very common, the most familiar should still click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, mail, surfing hang these items. Yes, the participation of such projects is relatively simple, do not need you have a website, you do not need to invest, as long as you registered as a member can begin to make money, do this kind of project there are several points need to pay attention to.

1, English or a little


is foreign Wangzhuan project, it is English things, although it can use translation tool, but know little English better than not know well, is it possible to use all the translation of it, the more trouble ah, huh.

2, select the project a lot of attention to

here refers to this kind of project you attend, choose carefully check whether the site is reliable, for example, first you can look at the website the overall look is not simple and generous; they can see the payment is complete, at least most of the regular payment sites in PP/AP two. You can also check whether they have a special forum, even if it is a message board, to observe the above comments on the site’s evaluation is how, if the forum / message board no one to speak, it is questionable.

3, open online banking

Do Wangzhuan

must go to the bank to apply for a bank card and online banking function. The best choice of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, the four.

4, the opening of the international network bank

first don’t mix up, here about Internet banking Internet banking is said above, the network bank is used to cash $third party payment platform, such as domestic Alipay belongs to Internet banking, but now Alipay has not become an international network of bank, because it currently supports only rmb. No international network bank how do Wangzhuan abroad? PayPal, Alertpay two is the two largest Internet bank currently do Wangzhuan collection use, especially PP, almost all sites support PP payment, so we want to do Wangzhuan friends must register the PP Oh, the best two are registered. In addition to these two LR and other receivables Tools >

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