To be successful Wangzhuan also cannot do without any knowledge of

joined a teacher learning forum is now third months, learned a lot of things, see a lot of classmates are making money, can be said to have a successful start, and then look at their own, very ashamed, because he had just joined the forum to learn when he had not become a thing.

how about when I joined it, that is my first lecture, and Chen Huimin Chen in the lecture, that really makes people very excited, very excited, he said his back can be added to a QQ, but also the elite class, so I joined, I also have taken cheated at that time, because I had cheated badly, after joining, I have a glance at the contents of the forum, but it’s really not very interested in, because I first heard of SEO. So I have no heart to learn, but also to learn a long time to have a good effect. So the first month when I was off and on to see the forum, a very small time every day to see. Spend a lot of time to find out whether there are other good projects, slowly with the gradual deepening of the forum is to see more and more content. Then he finally decided to start learning something called SEO.

join the forum at that time was a month late, that is to say I started to learn the SEO decided to join after a month, but also do not know how to do, because they will not build a website. I started a blog, a blog that is gold, gold in the blog now still, this is a speech class homework, then I started to do the best, this blog is ranked on the home page, but it was gone, huh, unfortunately, because I feel very much for a long time, because this blog is always open, I have no way to log in, can’t update, there is behind the gold shield Baidu, free stuff really is not good, the work was in vain.

seems to say a lot of nonsense, digression. Back to the topic. Now I feel really lack knowledge, SEO knowledge is not well, the other did not learn more, a little regret too early to do a website, should listen to the teacher for a long time, within a month do not operate any project, to see the forum ten times, I have to do, now built a website your time is very tight, very little time to see the forum. Now I know what to do anything to have a general and overall planning, to consider the long-term, there is to do every thing, you have to think well, don’t do it or do it as far as possible to do that for ourselves.

I want to know what

is their main to do, my knowledge is very poor, so don’t like others, people stupid to do that Never mind, step by step, every little bit to learn, learn to wait for his important knowledge, it will do a project or the other thing is more simple. Not so many problems like this.

well, write it here

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