Personal opinion seven expert Wangzhuan training introduction

this article is written for the new couple. I strive to use the shortest text what is the network to make money to tell you.

what’s new in my eyes,


1, even html is not familiar with

2, N has seen online advertising network can earn hundreds of thousands of preaching, but on the network to make money or very suspect

3, sign up for a training a little impulse, but is hesitant

4, participated in a liar training, participated in a training did not make money, bought a no operational projects…… In short, the experience of being cheated online, but not reconciled to

don’t feel strange, I believe that many of us through this stage, learning in Internet business, I have more than two years of experience of the company, but in this circle feel dazzled. So when you are full of these puzzles, please rest assured that each network has experienced such a master.

The following

I will write a few articles, will make an analysis of the network on the toast. Because a lot of people know that the network is starting from these people. I have more or less contact with these people.

for the new, I tell you too much theory is not interesting, you are not interested, you do not have the foundation, you will hear very tired, no interest to go away. I hope these stories can be your network to make money enlightenment.

1, Cardiff: December 2007 (note that this started in the SEO ring, ring network to make money is very late) founded seowhy seowhy, since then, after half a year, with the first SEO, Cardiff farfamed. 2 years received a direct disciple of the group, the annual salary of 100 thousand + disciples hundreds of people as much as 2500. I will analyze why seowhy is the most important point of the


husband: why is the only training so effective


2, Wang Tong Wang Tong’s: I don’t need to talk, the first network marketing, SEO first person, the annual income of millions; but some people say that he is a liar, he is a clown, he in the end how the strength? How character? I will for you to uncover the veil of his


Wang Tong: is Wang Tong a liar or a clown,


3, understand: the team’s 100 group had a monopoly on higher, a few big Wangzhuan era, crazy times experienced higher every day make a million! Each project Hing wind in the higher up the skies. He was praised as a villain when he was praised as a saint. How to understand the truth of the people? Please read this article:

understand: at the end of the aristocracy, understand.

, 4 eyes still understand: 100 members, the creation of a strategic base, received over 200 students in the high price of 1200 yuan, in the end how much value she refers to the original project? Please see the article:

: a strategic base, autumn is still a fucking name >

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