How to improve the way you earn your website

webmaster, on the Internet now provides us with Adsense advertising can be said to give us the opportunity to choose a superb collection of beautiful things, is really too much, such as the mainstream are Google, Ali mother and Baidu alliance, and so on, in addition to these various advertising the number does not really count, then as a webmaster, should how to choose to major league advertising? I think it should be set according to their own website and.

for the choice of advertising, I believe that the first choice for everyone, it must be Google, in addition to a good price that the application is also very easy, the average new can apply, even blogs can also Google. And a high degree of credibility, basically all we can use to sweat for reward, so goole advertising.

has become the first choice of webmaster

is the second Baidu alliance, if your website traffic is large, there is a certain weight, so do Baidu advertising is also a good choice, the advertising unit is more objective, more important is to do Baidu union advertising, can to a certain extent, can make your site better in Baidu. So Baidu’s advertising is a good choice for large traffic on the site.

said again is Ali mother wide advertising, I think mainly has the following characteristics of the accession of the threshold at the end. Basic is the webmaster can join. The starting point at the end of the pay. No matter how much money you earn, you’ll have to see it on your own account. Originality. That is, by the owner of their own pricing to sell, I feel that in fact is the owner to do their own business, feel kind. The feat is with no predecessors. Honesty and transparency. Mom never fidgeting. Both buyers and sellers are transparent transactions, there are benefits. Intermediate fee is not high. Ali mother from the seller and the buyer only 8% of the charges. We basically can accept. Easy operation. Whether the registration entry, or the release of advertising, as long as a few minutes to fix. Union site stability. Since running, basically can keep running normally.

in addition to the above several mainstream advertising, in China there are a lot of advertising for your choice. However, in the choice of advertising before must think about their own website that is suitable for advertising, according to their website’s case. In order to achieve a good income. As my beauty slimming network is looking for some cosmetics advertising alliance advertising to do, so as to achieve the effect is good, so I suggest the webmaster in the choice of advertising must be relevant and their own content, so as to achieve good results, to attract visitors attention, get a higher click the rate of.


finally suggest that you try to do less pop like advertising, it is easy to cause the visitor’s aversion to the user experience in the major search engines for the purpose, it should not give you good rankings and included the number in advertising. So we also must pay attention to the user experience, to make your website as youth > like evergreen tree

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