The bottleneck of several major foreign Wangzhuan is not easy to break through

many site webmaster friends have begun to domestic projects and prospects began to worry about Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, do not know their future direction, whether it is Taobao, or do passenger flow station advertising alliance CPS. If you want to ask, are you satisfied with your current income? 99% of people will say no.. Do Wangzhuan domestic characteristics, very tired, very rich, there are a large number of new competitors and join, to say the market is not saturated, more reason is not to find their own methods. Today we are talking about is not the main domestic situation, many webmaster friends in confusion when change began to seek profitable strategy, the market seems to be a foreign Wangzhuan easier to make money, more equitable, more opportunities to the sanctum. You have some friends in this line of work, also has the forum and the QQ group, the analysis of the success of the Those closely involved cannot see clearly. A bystander is always clear-minded., with the failure of the difference, we can see the foreign Wangzhuan market, you need to have what kind of ability.

bottleneck: language barrier

English, a lot of people like me from primary school to big, or not learn. Do Wangzhuan abroad, a certain language to live. Many experts say that the language is not important, with a Google translation, the article does not need to understand, by pseudo original. Just imagine, how do Wangzhuan network efficiency, by the vast majority of the text and expression of the exchange, no fundamental language expression is not clear, if you even the basic soft audit department through, if you haven’t tried most of the promotion methods, it is difficult to find suitable for your project. How do foreign Wangzhuan, often it is necessary to foreign forum on the site to communicate with others. New policies and methods, look at the domestic second-hand goods is probably not so timely.

how to improve their English level, so that students find their own school friends, is a Pakistan man, will a few Chinese, only English, but also with a strong India accent. I often say that my friend’s Chinese is advancing by leaps and bounds. In fact, my English is very fluent. Look at the article, when writing, speed is greatly improved, uncommon words also remember very tight.


Wangzhuan concept bottleneck

many people use the thinking to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan abroad, met a lot of difficulties. In the absence of understanding of the habits of foreign netizens, reckless action. Take the copyright issue, foreign countries have a very good Internet environment, attaches great importance to copyright. There is a friend to learn to sell e-books, spend money to buy some, began selling pirated. This situation is very common in the country, the copyright owner in the helpless under only acquiescence. Following a variety of situations, PayPal freeze, the warning and the seizure of space providers, the domain name to recover the domain, are not afraid to use their own name to register foreign things. Of course, changing the method of selling pirated is also possible, but this life I’m afraid I can’t insist on how long, not as large.

bottleneck three: human resources

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