Do Wangzhuan the pros and cons in foreign space

let’s talk about it now, like the first stage, we have to make use of foreign space. Because of the recent phase of the K is very powerful, I have a few friends of the server have been carried away, because they sell the space in the presence of some vulgar website information.

advantages of foreign space:

1, cheaper than domestic space

foreign space is generally G to do the unit, the price relative to the domestic, to be a lot cheaper, there are many foreign free space, but the flow is not supported.

2, you can put any content

domestic and foreign concession space, space, must be examined, and not what content can be placed, but these overseas sales in the domestic space, as long as it does not violate the basic national conditions, what is the content that can put, we usually see some of the dumpster, erotic edge or is the direct porn station, can be purchased from Taobao on foreign space management.

3, the speed of access to foreign space is relatively good

When we use the

Telecom space, Netcom users access to many, when we use Netcom telecommunications users to access space, it is very slow, generally speaking, domestic users, telecom users want more, so we usually choose is Telecom space. Although there are two space, but the nets, basically are not stable, foreign space access speed is very fast, we visit some foreign sites when the fast, illustrates this point.

4, foreign space does not need to record

domestic filing is the domestic space for the user, if the domain name and space in foreign countries, it is not need to record, the recent forum not get out in large quantities, the forum is transferred to the foreign space.

disadvantages of foreign space:

1, IP is often sealed

if you are using virtual host, then blocked IP is normal, because the domestic long-term blockade of some pornographic or illegal IP access at home, so when you use the server to do illegal content or by Netcom telecommunication shield so your station, can not visit the general. Virtual host, a year for every 3-4 IP.

2, maintenance trouble


sell you space, there is no telephone, are QQ or want to contact, and often find people, so once the site is a problem difficult to deal with.

3, often cheated.

do foreign virtual host, it is difficult to form a brand, so you can find a liar.

so to sum up, we can see that foreign space can be bought, but you need to go to Taobao to understand. To >

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