How to choose the seven standards of good advertising alliance

in personal webmaster business environment increasingly depressed situation, on the one hand, the webmaster must spend a lot of time on site operation and promotion, the income generating capacity and investment on the other hand, owners have to re-examine their own website matches. And all this, for most of the owners, the alliance is a big point of advertising support, therefore, the choice of the alliance advertising is particularly important. Operating a station station is not easy, so we want to get revenue through multiple channels, in addition to the traditional Google and Baidu mainstream advertising, will be more attention to other advertising alliance. The author about the problem summarize a commonplace talk of an old scholar, choice of advertising alliance, to the degree of importance in order for the new reference lists seven standards.

1, integrity and reputation

on the word of mouth, the most talked about the issue of the amount of union. In fact, almost every league are more or less the amount deducted fly, sometimes the webmaster of this should not be too concerned about, as a small webmaster only if we choose not to choose the right of association, often knew obviously were measured, but with no strong evidence. On the other hand, the amount deducted is a good reputation, if you want to work for a long term alliance, will not overdo sth. to a big opening. So as a novice webmaster who may wish to listen to opinions and suggestions, so blindly join the fast to pay period suddenly told invalid or cheating and helpless, in particular, can be in the Admin5 and the webmaster discussion, or consciously join Adsense QQ exchange group, ask your opinion. The reputation of the formation of a short duration of time of the power, therefore, can survive under the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore advertising alliance is our priority.

2, price comparison

advertising alliance is not only high prices, but also the price of the mystery behind. If it is to attract new entrants into the hype and raise prices, will regret after joining. In addition to the promotion of the difficulty of advertising proposals do not do a high price, otherwise it will delay the opportunity to profit. In addition, some of the high price of the union is actually a serious amount of advertising subtext, for this kind of advertising is to be careful. In short, the price is a means of business, to see the high price should think more of the potential risks behind.

3, data return cycle.

webmasters are aware that the longer the return cycle of the alliance data, data transparency is poor. Real time return data advertising alliance is undoubtedly the best choice for webmasters. In fact, many of these alliances have done this. Select the data return period is shorter advertising alliance can reduce their losses to a minimum.

4, settlement and settlement efficiency

generally hand money is safe money. Therefore, the owners want the alliance to settle some of the faster, the settlement cycle is shorter, less amount of restrictions. Common advertising alliance has day, week and month end, and the most common week settlement. Of course, the day is the most Association, but such a rare alliance. The longer the settlement period, the greater the risk, the monthly settlement

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