How to choose a good alliance

how to choose a good alliance? In the face of so many SMS alliance, dazzling, below my experience, to give you a few suggestions!

1, look at the league website: want to do a good alliance for the company, the COM domain name is better, because the CN domain name is too cheap, so do more people prefer to use cn

2, see Union home: do SMS alliance, are relatively low, the home made relatively deserted, but not the lack of a little atmosphere, perhaps the contents more chaos, we all know that the industry is low off, if the state check, then finish basically is. This. But there are a lot of alliance is free to write the program, so many alliances looks very similar, such alliances are generally garbage alliance, they took the program is a free program, not safety, credibility is not good enough!

3, a new alliance in general than the old alliance is strong, because the newborn, is bound to more than the old alliance, of course, is not absolute, but you can go to a bold attempt, is now eight weeks (7+1: weeks, in fact they have a domain name, the domain name is advertising), 7town etc. the old alliance aside, 520music Music Station didn’t know this alliance, see my friend made eight week Alliance (doing the walk) to do, because the league are relatively low, so it is difficult to find, general advertising Dadehuore, advertising, junk alliance, buckle the absolute quantity is deducted, very black


4, yields the alliance is false alliance, for example, others do movies are generally for 6 yuan / month, but some advertising alliance is 7 yuan / month, 10 yuan / month, this is false, cheat you to register, in fact not so much the price, do not believe you can try, very simple, SP to him before? He gave you is still high, what does he eat? Is definitely a big quantity, or false news! So many owners do not know the reason, we still care for


5, do not tell the alliance with the wind, and some advertising alliance played loud, a lot of people are doing, in fact no other effect of alliance, the industry say, because the channel is a good one, who also don’t know, so many webmaster confused, with a mind to try to do, actually is to you, but is the deduction, so now many webmaster and investment income has always been mediocre, sometimes detained are deficient, so we must be cautious, good union is still there, you would find the

!The stability and strength of the

alliance, in relation to the webmaster, whether it can achieve the minimum guarantee income, many projects that reach the standard can be achieved, but the key is not so stable alliance does not deduct the amount, up, currently nine smooth network media (nine free SMS alliance) the effect is very good, and the technology and strength of deep. Worth to do! Its registered address is: ht>

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