Through the podcast website 23 ALEXA data list get the impression

          some podcast network yesterday finishing under what they know, should have all the more, a little-known podcast network on the inside, if I haven’t statistics to the podcast, regardless of size, as long as the podcast network trouble home authentic to my blog the message to tell you.           I statistics here are authentic video podcast site, UUSEE that video network, because it does not provide users with the function of uploading video, so it is not counted as a podcast network. We can use this table, see now is probably how many China podcast network, which broadcast network of high popularity, which is just started, or what has been done for a long time or stop, or who is developing very rapidly.           light contrast day and three month Ranking Ranking, was the most improved, help Zhang Yu visible events on the, copy the fire hot, can spend less number of network promotion expenses, so the six rooms. Green entertainment seems quite famous, but look at the ALEXA ranking is not high, personal opinion because of the reasons for their own entertainment products, Ya Genv incident did not bring much popularity effect of green entertainment. Because I want to see the green entertainment video also install the player in this what must facilitate the fool operation of the Internet era, green entertainment this player is their installation requirements of a large number of users to stall at the door. Now do the video network is not a green entertainment, intense competition among the podcast network, who makes the product more suitable for the majority of Internet users, who can get the final victory. Because of the need to install a video player green entertainment, some video search sites are not willing to include it, there is no other podcast FASLH video of the advantages of foreign communication. If the green entertainment is to pursue a client installation, so that people can do it, it is not the success of green entertainment, but the failure of other podcasts. Website promotion experience sharing QQ group number: 25424051 (full) QQ group 2:26124967 (full) QQ group 3:26124996                                         & nbsp;;                                             &nb

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