Google forum for the optimization of the proposed Adsense original

Has been recognized as the phenomenon is that the forum is not suitable for Google Adsense, because the click rate, low price. We can not accept this reality? Should we not put Google Adsense ads on the forums? GGAD believes that if you optimize the heart, the forum can also do a good job Google adsense. The following is my summary of the forum for Google Adsense optimization proposal, I hope you can help. This article for the original Reproduced please indicate, thank you!


Basics: improve the Forum Google Adsense hits suggestions

1, home page and post list page do not put Google Adsense ad

2, Post put Google Adsense, and to choose the right location

a, post title and the first floor of the text, this is definitely a gold position. Especially for search engine users. Practice has proved that the location of the click rate between 1~5%

b, the first floor of the post below the text. Members after reading the post text, often think about what to do next. If an advertisement is to attract his interest, he will click on it. For those posts back to the forum, the first floor is often the focus of attention. Be sure to try this position

c, post the bottom of each page of the last floor. Ibid.

d, by < div; style=" float:left" > Google /div> < Adsense advertising; the typesetting method, let the ads in the post text ads are left floating, body sides around.

two, advanced articles: improve the matching degree of the advertisement

in the forum.

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