Grassroots webmaster of the latest Taobao customer money cheats

first, Taobao off the stuff

said here Taobao off, referring to the elements of the Taobao guest. Here some examples, if you are a photographer, you can add your link to Taobao customers in your photo works; if you are a software designer, of course, can link promotion into software; what is more, if you are a shoot off, so better. The speed of an interesting video is amazing. You just need to add your Taobao guest link to the video. Believe me, there are a lot of people will point to pause, and then enter your web browser. If your video is related to Taobao shopping, the effect is more obvious.

second, the profit is king

it sounds like everyone knows, but really do not everyone can hold. Popular point of view, is to choose a high commission commodity. The reason you don’t need to explain, if you promote the ten yuan commission a list and a list of $one hundred, which could satisfy you? But at this point to emphasize is that you can not blindly pursue the Commission level, you must consider the customer’s mood. If a link to your promotion commission of up to fifty percent, but after opening is not a degree of credibility of the shop, a little experience of online shopping will point to the X browser? So we should pay attention to the store’s sales and reputation, it can make people click to buy Taobao online shopping "the button. That’s what we really need, isn’t it?

third, key words like sniper

is to be accurate, a precise keyword can definitely achieve the effect of an enemy. Of course, do not rule out some owners rely on traffic to make money. But if your keywords are too broad, first of all, competition is a problem. For example: "Taobao mall" widely enough, but no matter how you optimize, you can compete with Taobao mall I? Impossible? The second is the problem of the conversion, through the keywords visitors are basically just look at the main, often one percent conversion rate is very good. But if your keywords are "slimming products which is good", so that visitors are targeted, first they come before it has to buy slimming products, plus your product carefully, is not afraid of the conversion rate? So, for Taobao guest speaking ten, a single than 100 single into five single! After all, traffic is not a problem, the conversion rate is what we really need.

fourth, change your website

is now a template of the Taobao era, I believe many of my friends are buying program. But have you ever thought that you can buy other people can buy, your procedures are the same. Look at the search engine, your site is exactly the same. This search engine will think that the weight of the station is a low copy, weight is a big problem. But here, is not to say that the program can not be used?

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