Google Adsense advertising code loopholes, the background can also click

Google Adsense advertising code loopholes, advertising background can still click. Thinking over and over, I finally decided to publish it.
this method according to the policy provisions of the existing Google Adsense, there is no irregularities, is completely Google Adsense program vulnerabilities.
by this method I will click on the success rate increased from 0.1% to 2.2%
Please note: I can only say that this is a can exploit, I do not encourage or against you using this vulnerability, which may produce the account risk, I do not take any responsibility. Google Adsense has been K who would like to K who in Chinese, never give any reasonable explanation, the hegemony of his terms and means many people have experienced the robber, remember! Avoid! Below is
renderings, non white and black areas are regions, the specific steps of map:

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