Cold joke selection Xu Xu Grassroots name Bo struggling to remember


Xu became a folk hero for our. Now he’s aiming at WeChat.


is not the only beauty will be approached. A variety of activities, our Xu has often been approached, even surrounded by.

heard that what is the "joke" blogger, the other person will say "Oh" as Frank said see light suddenly, then, could not help but ran in two words or three introduce their products, then reported on their operation of "administrative micro-blog" confusion, and a lot of research koremitsu asahi. At this point in 1986 was born, not tall boys in Fujian, the popularity is higher than the beauty.

in the subconscious, those people may wonder everyone playing micro-blog, what our Asahi this kid playing so well, and put it into play


and business is not small. There are twenty or thirty micro-blog account in his hand, the most famous is undoubtedly on Sina’s micro-blog has 10 million 600 thousand fans (as of December 20, 2012), the cold joke featured". He is not only a micro-blog owner, he founded the Xiamen Feibo create network Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Feibo") is the micro-blog marketing for the enterprise, he refused to reveal the names of digital products, FMCG brands (you can easily see them on micro-blog) initiative to find you he said the IT operation, beautiful red circle the most entrepreneurial company also invited him to do behind the scenes. Naturally, his second battlefield is extending to WeChat. Li Kaifu opened the WeChat, you will see one of Li Kaifu’s own "site", at the end of a line of small print "Feibo inside".

king of the station, Cai Wensheng invested in the social media era Xu Xu Xu personal webmaster". And two people are familiar friends koremitsu evaluation, Xu and Cai Wensheng was 16 years old, a lot of entrepreneurial ideas is very similar, Cai Wensheng pinned on him.

these rings removed, in fact, he is just a small boy just started two years. On the shape of a bit of thought, with a witty mustache; business cards are also some careful thinking, the front is the big picture, the back is also printed on the back of the head.

Freemasonry grassroots hero

Xiamen IT circle is Cai Wensheng’s brother". He invested in Meitu Xiu Xiu, push synchronization, Showtime travel are bow to see the rise of other units. This group of entrepreneurs closely together, interact frequently.

2010, synchronous push CEO Xiong Jun met koremitsu Xu, who has lobbied for Cai Wensheng to Xiamen. Xiong Jun was born in 1982 and he says hello, welcome he officially joined the arena, after a chat, the brother very have the ability to think. Back to the company, Xiong Jun and everyone talk: comrade who want to do the mobile Internet industry big coffee? Can tell you: find the hottest industry forum, from the first post to the last post, all carefully read, so you will understand why the rise and fall of the forum. Cai Cai

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