Amoy website life is to create value for customers


now more and more people money off station also more and more. One of the most intuitive feeling is that A5 Wangzhuan plate article, click to make money, make money for a class survey are almost extinct, more than 90% of the article is how to do that in the Taobao customer. In the station, make sure not to make money but There are plenty of people who, or do not make money is also not a few. What is the status of the guest station? What are the bottlenecks and difficulties in its development? The future development trends and how is it? These are all we need to quietly thinking.

, a station of

1 sites tend to flood the number of

why? I believe you now just go to Baidu search keywords and shopping related, then there will be a variety of guest station, even some people feel tired. What is the cause of this situation? Many people are home mom billboard the so-called high-income people confused, determined to do guest will earn a lot of money, and then started his guest then a group of a group of new friends to Amoy industry crowded. Furthermore, listen to the so-called expert experience of predecessors, is it must have a website to do guest, which led to the station such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain poured out, now has reached epidemic levels. This cake is so big, can eat the cake in front of those people is certainly just contact. So, in other words, the market has been the trend of the Tao station in saturated.

2 website form lack of innovation

I see a lot of the navigation station, basically 2/3 sites are very similar, but some local is not the same, even more people will directly produce visual fatigue. As of last year began to fire up the single page "XX products list", are the same. Baidu spider love what? Love the original. So much the same guest station, a copycat one, don’t say spiders trouble, users see also annoying. Since it is the online free stuff, then its value is not afraid, so you don’t like "free" this cheap.

3 website content lacks value

this is the current station most fatal. Station’s intention is to provide useful information for the users, to help users understand the products, better selection of high quality and inexpensive, good beer, more targeted to choose their own products. But now most of the station, on the user experience is very poor, can not provide useful information for the user, but simply direct advertising to the user, to the user links, allowing users to directly purchase. This site is not for users and society to create value, not stick to the user, even if there is a transaction, it is difficult to repeat.


station in the future

1 do not be big and full, should focus on small and fine. The large and complete station. It is difficult to generalize as good as in the past, especially, need to select keywords >

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