Webmaster must see trusted alliance Wangzhuan recommended

earn advertising fees on the site, increase their income is more and more webmaster practice. But the credibility of the advertising alliance is good and bad, and put the different advertising revenue is also different. I am most three years Wangzhuan experience for everyone to share, push personal deposit of several different types of Wangzhuan that the best advertising alliance:

a, pay link


BackLinks is a link service platform abroad. Mainly focus on the text links for websites and blogs. The biggest feature of BackLinks is its pricing strategy: do not care about your traffic, only care about your PR index. The price is calculated according to the PR value of the link, completely fixed.


LinkWorth is a full range of paid links provider. It provides a paid link pattern is very rich, such as paid links, paid review, PPC click on ads, text keyword advertising and so on. That is to say, the registered LinkWorth, you can publish many forms of advertising to their website or blog, get more the opportunity to make money online.

Text Link Ads

Text Link (referred to as TLA), is the world’s largest platform to provide text link advertising services, users can use it to sell links to their websites to earn $Ads. Text Link Ads is the main publisher for the blog owner, so the blog will be easier to pass, and the blog on the sale of links is also relatively easy to advertisers.

two, pay review


SponsoredReviews is a foreign online English paid review platform, a platform is also currently pay the opportunity to comment the most. The first SponsoredReviews " bloggers can take the initiative to find a paid review, the buyer and the seller offer free " pay comment form, greatly improving the bloggers receiving payment opportunity to comment. And the price paid review the SponsoredReviews above is higher, the minimum is $5. Accept Chinese blog.


BuyBlogreviews is a paid review provider, is basically copied the SponsoredReviews, bloggers can take the initiative to find advertisers. In the current situation, the price of each paid review relative to SponsoredReviews is a bit low, advertisers are less than the former. But BuyBlogR>

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