Dog care short rental network, DogVacay financing $6 million


DogVacay, is a pet short rental website. According to foreign media reports, DogVacay received $6 million investment from investment institutions Benchmark Capital.

DogVacay was founded by a couple of Hirschhorn and Karine Nissim Hirschhorn, whose DogVacay is a Aaron like pet care website in Airbnb. This site can provide the ability to take care of pets, pet nanny, the relevant information, the need to take care of pet owners can find the right DogVacay nanny". Most of the DogVacay users are to travel or travel needs long time, no one to take care of pets, but to take care of the pet shop price is too expensive, so they can choose DogVacay to find suitable and low-cost pet care.

After the

pet care ability "pet sitter" register for free on DogVacay, you can set your pet can look after type, size, pet food and other related information, so that pet owners can find the most suitable for their own pet "pet sitter".

all of the pet nanny are required to go through the audit after the DogVacay company can be sent to the Internet, to ensure that the pet sitter has the qualifications to take care of pets, pets will not be malicious behavior. In order to ensure the safety of pets, DogVacay will also be insured for all the use of their pets insured up to $25000 of accident insurance.

and animal owners (mainly dog owners) can use DogVacay like the use of the Airbnb, and can set the dog walking time, training time, pet massage can even go to take care of a pet owner. DogVacay charge 5-10% Commission from.

since the launch in March of this year, DogVacay monthly revenue increase side reached 60%, which shows the great potential of pet care market. After six months of foot development, DogVacay has become the largest pet boarding and care provider in the United states.

company profile

Company Name: DogVacay

Product Name: DogVacay

financing: $7 million

investors: Benchmark Capital

product form: service proxy website

earnings: 5-10% Commission for each transaction, for pet insurance. 8 months to become the largest pet care website in the United states.


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