The main way to make money online in 2009

network and unlike some advertising that you can easily have a good income. As long as the investment time, there is a considerable income of the people, this part of the National People’s Congress is to pay him for his work or tuition. Can you make money on the Internet? The answer is yes!

here I give you some way to list through the network can make money, 1, Witkey make money, this part is a technical one class of Logo, making the rich experience and a relatively well-off time, through the website Witkey business a number of projects, and earn some money;

2, domain name investors, some investors to use the domain name registered by the first principle, some short domain name, which is why those earlier in the domain of investment people make a pot of gold. Case one, Apple Corp to buy domain name, spend millions of dollars. Case two, six rooms to buy spend millions of yuan. Cherish the domain name, one day you will find yourself a rich man;

3, the network shops to make money, this is not the new thing, Beijing is looking consulting recently released the latest C2C survey data show that the platform sellers, as of September 2008, Taobao, eBay and pat on the platform of the three C2C shop sell goods to the seller the number has reached 1 million 170 thousand people, and create 420 thousand social employment. The C2C platform for the sale of the number of sellers to Taobao up to 1 million 50 thousand people, and through the Taobao platform on the sale of goods in the country to solve the problem of the employment of 380 thousand people;

4, online advertising to make money, which is the way to make money and compared to the previous few people know much less. Online advertising to make money by advertising, payment methods can be divided into two categories, one is the CPC cost per click advertising network, the cost per click; the other is CPA cost per action, namely each visitor taken on online advertising pricing model based on action.

Wangzhuan road is hard, sometimes pay a lot of experience, but also has paid the necessary money, but can not see the results, is not the money back. This time you may be frustrated and depressed, but I recommend you stick to it and don’t give up, what will be a critical point. Stick to it and you’ll make money!

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