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yesterday at the weekend on the network reported that Sichuan "July snow", the old secretary in the south, the snow is not seen, but some showers. At home bored, then went to the office to complete two days before the promised dream River essay task. In fact, the old secretary is not good at telling stories, but still the Luantan quackish. And listen to the old secret Wangzhuan variations, hope will not disturb you.

Wangzhuan source

is the earliest know Wangzhuan, listen to a little girl unit said. She had nothing else to do, some websites to help people like advertising, a penny, a month later received a small gift is very happy. At that time, I still do not understand why the little bit of advertising can make money, until two years ago began to mix Adsense network, contact with the advertising alliance, just know what is going on. In 2009, the old secretary had a secretary made website, called the old secret network www.caiyes.cn. Originally based on personal interests, this is not thinking about making money. Later, the successful application of the Google Adsense account, it is convenient to hang on the site advertising. At that time no traffic, the first day earned $0.03, excited to death. But a month down, did not earn $1. It is not easy to earn money, so do not bother to take care of, when free update several articles. Shouyang, on the website to change, change the title several times, the column also revised several times, but do not expect to make money, no matter.

Wangzhuan tired

probably let things drift about half a year, in October last year, one day, I suddenly found the old secret network of its traffic surge, surge by 400-500IP to 2000IP, then could not believe my own eyes. Check the flow, it is just held in the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, just I sent an article about the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the main Baidu ranked second. Then look at the advertising alliance, $3, was that since hi! See hope, drive up. So, insist on updated daily articles about 10 articles, predict the popular long tail keywords is optimized, and independent written nearly 80 soft article promotion, several Baidu know are mixed to four to five, stay up late writing, updating, vacation sick of fighting, the pain only you know. In the meantime, also experienced a snapshot stop more, included sharp, ranking disappear, flow trough and so helpless, so the day mixed in stationmaster net hope to find one or two strokes. In short, tired on a word.

Wangzhuan music

has to pay a total harvest. At the end of January this year finally filled with $100. Unfortunately, the month can not be taken, failed to become the new year lucky money. Look forward to February 24th to see the Google background prompt payment has been issued, requiring a payment amount, the payment of the money transfer control number (MTCN), valid documents issued by the government (passport, driver’s license, identity card and other information) and remittances, to the local post office for Western union. Take the income statement, although the heart has been said to be low-key, but

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