How to achieve the Wangzhuan from absolutely ignorant of

many people now know that the network is very hot, but also in making money online is also very attractive! But for some people who have ideas, but do not know how to operate to achieve me! Today I told you to sort out ideas, let you know how to achieve higher /p>! "

first, you have to have a website, but also a lot of people because of this reason alone, because they never did not come into contact with, and their code utterly ignorant of so many people in here, they give up, and don’t want to back again! Is not so, there are many free open source online system, the master technology already made, or part of the fee, we can directly use their technology, simple graphic changes, the basic shape of their website, when you have a certain economic strength, but also can find someone else to do it for you, but this is a good early choose. Now the general PHP programs are: zblog, WordPress, discuz, phpwind, dedecms, shopex and ecshop. According to what you want to do to choose the procedure, the Internet has a lot of these, today is not here to say in detail!


website is resolved, I believe that your confidence will increase, and then select a virtual host and domain name, this is relatively simple, it’s on the Internet domain name space service providers how to operate, there are special explanations, relatively difficult to


the last question, we are also very concerned about the issue, how to do the promotion, so that more people know my site, increase the site’s views! Today, we will talk about this in detail:

1, first go to the site to search SEO, there are a lot of explanations, I generally go to the which has someone to teach you, to understand some of the simple knowledge of seo. Have a basic understanding of the SEO, you will be very helpful to combat


2, and then familiar with some of the basic elements of the site, such as: what is the title, what is the key words, what is the link, etc.. These are done in the optimization process will be used, and so you go to the specific operation, what do not understand, you can ask others to ask you questions, there are a lot of people willing to teach you!

3, understand? Began to implement, the whole site changes, general description of what the title is, of course, if you don’t know what to change? Use Baidu Search is very clear to modify where, how to modify, on the Internet there are some practical methods of


4, after the internal site modified, is to update the site every day, and you add some website theme related articles on the Internet, together with the corresponding key words, the best time point, then? Is write soft, generally choose the relatively high weight of the site to send, this is an important way to do outside the chain, and never.

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