Shenzhen day Communications Technology Co., Ltd. strong SP group recommended

News background

Shenzhen Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (ShenZhen SkyInfo Tech. Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2001, is a focus on providing Unicom, mobile wireless value-added services provider Telecom. The company since its inception, the rapid development of business, steady growth in users, a good performance in WAP, MMS, SMS, PDA, K-JAVA, IVR, customized ringing tone and other fields, especially in the leading position in the field of WAP makes the company in 2003 to become one of the five strategic partner of China Mobile, but also one of the Chinese Unicom an important partner. The company is currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Fujian, Hebei, Sichuan and other places to set up branch offices, the establishment of a huge business development team.

day strategy

is committed to long-term development of the Internet, SMS, MMS, IVR WAP wireless value-added services, to create the first brand masterpiece. In the Internet field, the company will be SMS MMS, as the main promotional products, the future will combine IVR and WAP business. As the company’s largest shareholder of the world’s most famous SP – Japan’s INDEX, technology and financial resources will be the day of the Internet in the field of long-term strategic plan to give strong support.

day to day mode

days of current promotion on the Internet platform to MMS products, including various types of business, the tariff. In the Internet promotion, we will be the most lucrative profits for each partner, and on the Internet has opened a new image of infosky masterpiece.

‘s launch of ladder way (including commission Commission recommended), recommended commission by infosky unilateral spending. Such as (Table 1)

boutique level

platinum level

diamond grade

daily order requirement (person)

  50 ~ 200                                                          & nbsp;;          

200 ~ 400

greater than 400

webmaster into (yuan)




recommended royalty (yuan)

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