Play the media network team China type disband grassroots entrepreneurs


grassroots entrepreneurs Li Yihui

is the visible light, invisible is tragic. In the Internet giants industry well-known entrepreneurs take cities and seize territory, "prostitution", those grassroots entrepreneurs have their joys and sorrows of life in 2013, ashes to ashes.

Li Yihui

, a social network in the wave of entrepreneurs, over the years to lead the team through the blog marketing, happy net marketing, marketing, marketing group purchase micro-blog, although the road twists and turns, but also strong survived, but in 2013, but not so good luck, in the Internet financial company financing on the eve of the eve of the outbreak, but because the basic problems within the team disbanded, people also go into exile.

now, Li Yihui in Kunming, accompanied by his or her girlfriend for many years and a shepherd dog, to do business as a social marketing consultant for a living. Technology partner Peng Zhichao returned to Xiantao home, to help parents take care of the factory, maintenance of network operators play media.

support Li Yihui continue to go down is faith. "Our team is scattered, but our products are still in the process." Li Yihui said that if the two end of the founding team have to give up, so many years of efforts will be for naught, youth investment will all return to zero. As long as the product is, as long as the core of the two people still stick, you can start a prairie fire sparks of fire.

hard survival has been in transition

Li Yihui entrepreneurial dream is from the beginning of 2008, he is not rich two generations, but ordinary people.

that year, Li Yihui in the Sohu of Wuhan circle met just graduated from college geeks Peng Zhichao, two that circle will change the influence from the media communication industry, become a "China partner hit it off". Among them, Li Yihui is responsible for the market, Peng Zhichao responsible for technology, the creation of play media network.

play the media network of venture capital, small part from 2007 Chinese A shares "bull market", Li Yihui in Shanghai in the accumulation of securities broker occupation, and several friends mostly from Wuhan Sohu in the circle of the angel investment. Because Peng Zhichao has not yet work, no savings, so that companies are not registered shareholders, promoters Li Yihui became the controlling shareholder of the company.

in the spring of 2009, starting from the effects of playing media network marketing alliance, has a large flow of cheap to the left hand blog like Xu Jinglei, right hand waving to the B2C like a swarm of bees where customers and independent business customers, with the tracking code links to cash flow value. Because the market blank accurate capture, soon harvest tens of thousands of blog, nearly ten million flow resources, dozens of electricity supplier customer marketing budget.

in the summer of 2010, micro-blog fire, blog traffic decline, the electricity supplier is one after another collapse, the situation has changed. Li Yihui tried to lead the electricity supplier customers to eat micro-blog this crab, but ROI is not high, but the media network to play micro-blog marketing exploration has received several 4A>

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