Taobao customers make money the use of a large platform to obtain accurate SEO weight flow


2008, Taobao Alliance launched Taobao advertising plans, advertising can be CPS form for the first time in the domestic CPC contest, CPS domestic advertising alliance has always existed, such as Amazon, B2C website and together, linktech results, net and three party CPS advertising alliance. However, the form of CPS advertising has been unable to become a mainstream form of profit, until the emergence of Taobao customers, CPS network advertising form began to become a mainstream advertising model. Taobao is a Taobao CPS shop customer marketing mode, all Taobao stores can participate in, set up shop products within the Commission (1.5%-50%), as long as through the promotion of ID with a link to the and bought to participate in the promotion of products, you can get the corresponding commission.

choose the theme more attention to profit

in the construction of flow station, attention to the theme of the site value is relatively low, more attention is the theme of the eye, how much traffic is directly related to the website click ads, but with Taobao off as the representative of CPS, is different, a 100IP website to get profit even more than a 10 thousand IP the website to get profit is much higher, it depends on the location of directional promotion website theme and website, user experience and other factors combined.

slimming products VS small adorn article

products between the profit gap is very large, such as weight loss products and small accessories, a price of 300 yuan for weight loss products, profit in about 80%, which is at least profit reached 240 yuan, while the small accessories and slimming products than his low price, low profits. A sales of slimming products, a small jewelry sales website and website in Web copywriting, user experience, directional flow, the number of site traffic and other factors have the same situation, sales of slimming products website the day’s profit can be 100 times smaller jewelry website, it is entirely determined by product theme positioning.

using SEO to obtain directional flow, through the Taobao customer into profit; website SEO optimization, pay attention to the website traffic volume at the same time, can not ignore the transformation of traffic, to get search engine traffic into loyal website visitors, registered users, web client. Especially for the sale of products or services e-commerce sites.

here to talk about some of the specific application of SEO in Taobao Taobao, the guest will be in the following section on the earnings of the detailed explanation.

SEO by using programs, no website can do Taobao

no website, mainly by the external platform, such as large communities and blogs, such as community, Baidu space, well-known blog platform. Because this kind of large community blog has a higher weight, the contents of the search engine has a better ranking. Here is the specific application of the previous contents of the "keyword selection and

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