ndividuals can carry out several sites to make money items

In recent years,

took over a lot of customer sites, as well as pay promotion; found some small industry really make money, now share as follows:

1, brush credit card

last contact with a friend, a credit card a year earned ten million; now it again, the key must have some money; one day if the brush 100 thousand money, received a little money, about a day 1000 dollars in profits, will play on behalf of the repayment, some card slave card in the hands of a few gold card, this card is the card brush out, brush once received a money, this business card key will have to maintain old customers, which is consistent with the 28 principles, 8 of the income by 2 of the old customers, new customers, and now some people are also provided credit card service site, with a wireless POS machine. To my surprise, the credit card people are relying on the website publicity, specifically online, such as 58 city, ganji.com, forum Post Bar everywhere, credit card information, if any friends there are hundreds of thousands of liquidity on hand, this industry is now able to earn some money.

2, station

more people play, you can upgrade, or sell equipment; but the PW management is very troublesome, wide enough stability platform you busy, that you know more than I do not do more to explain

3, adult supplies

2000 —2003, a lot of people say that B2C does not make money, but I do Adult supplies the money, is that you do not know; publicity mainly by adult sites, I know a person, do stand, a delivery; hundreds of thousands of monthly income, can.

4, investment site

For example,

on television often see Wang Gang advertising that website, a profit of several hundred million, but yesterday, not strictly to business audit, good project, very rare, I know there are many webmaster related to these merchants site search product message, a message to ask the merchants station 20 dollars. I am optimistic about the industry, but not optimistic about the current model, hope that the industry will perk up, after all, is now a hot start times, a lot of people are looking for a good project to join.

5, study abroad, travel industry

why these two industries tied in a said, because of the current economic crisis, the two industry is heating up, the appreciation of the renminbi, a lot of people to study abroad, or go abroad to play; suggestion resources can be considered a friend a precise foreign area, a web site, and then combined with the relevant consultation forum that popular here, put these people contact to travel or study abroad.

6, local information port


classification information network CEO, within ten km or local community, Google is not my opponent; the establishment of local information port, has great viscosity, the already familiar with the area, put us closer, the local people more opportunities, there is a natural, for example some newly opened stores.

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