Eighty percent people Wangzhuan not earn money this is why

master a lot, earn hundreds of thousands of people earn, though not much, but also many? But 80% of people do not earn money, could not help but cause reflection of our own, in fact, not to earn money is probably because of the novice, veteran, or have their own way to make money. Han Han on the personal experience of a small novice friends to analyze.

Wangzhuan is divided into many, the novice is probably Baidu, the search network to make money, such as key words, you will find out a large Wangzhuan site, Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum, novice training, will be attracted by the day to earn 100, earning 1000 other attractive advertising, so a little sober mind you will be cheated, hit the Wangzhuan information with hate, leave Wangzhuan, of course, will leave a part of the people, their spirit is strong, in his insistence, looking for a variety of Wangzhuan form.

in fact, Wangzhuan is not difficult, should not, not ambitious, day to earn 100.200 of the project, not all is false, but even if it is true, there are timeliness, some people says: so what? After the village is not the store, so the novice should pay attention to choose some long period project, you may ask, these projects are? Of course, some don’t make much money, slowly, equivalent change accumulated to a certain extent it will form a qualitative change. Let me tell you a little bit about my experience, I hope you can learn a little bit of experience.


Zi Han first contact Wangzhuan is Zhang two monks confused every day, then Baidu Wangzhuan, but there’s nothing more than what the VIP training course, ah, I also earn hundreds of hundreds of more rational, do not believe. Then I was told a website to be able to make money, is said to earn advertising fees, I was on the heart, but I never built a website, so it is utterly ignorant of, do not know what ASP, PHP things, so every day a lot of information, finally put the site to build up, but SEO. What are not, web site management, a novel site was built, afterwards just know is a dumpster, but was very excited ah, I have a website, and is the top of the domain name of the site, so I joined an advertising alliance, then it won’t add advertising, with a thick skinned a female customer service alliance, let him when my sister, in my campaign, he promised to be my sister, I have to ask her sister is now advertising executive, but I finally in Waiting for a few months after the discovery, for me this garbage station, too hard to earn advertising fees, only a few months, dozens of blocks, or add a lot of groups, each click on the webmaster, now seem a bit immoral Oh, then, I know, not what can be lucrative, first after the big and small. It had the help of others, find my master, master taught me to write soft money, my soft skills training, teach me SEO, I am very grateful to master, let me know a lot before do not understand things, I rely on to help people write soft money, although the price is not a soft.

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