The website advertising revenue earning 4000 yuan experience sharing

Hello, today is National Day Oh, wish our motherland more prosperous, wish stationmaster people earn more, today to talk about how to improve the network advertising revenue, has been in a network company for 3 years, earning 4000 yuan of income, also have a little knowledge of the industry, the general network service the network is the main source of the company’s revenue, network service cannot do without a web presence and effective website is platitude topic we webmaster, then how can we talk about money, simple advertising revenue


to talk about the current network advertisement to make money first, a website revenue from advertising and membership service fee income, first talk about the membership service income, the site now is really more to you in a month time browsing without end, why do you want to join your site and give you a membership fee. The cultivation of a number of VIP members is really not easy, you need to have some way to create the effect, the impression is not want to join the membership is difficult, then you are half success! Advertising revenue can be divided into advertising and advertising, direct customers to find on the website advertising. Of course, it is rather difficult for advertisers, the advertising alliance to help you find a good, while the latter requires your own ability to persuade advertisers, of course, the profit is relatively high, once the customers, etc. Do not have to do in a month, while the former is relatively low, in the hungry, not enough to eat the kind of state!

how to cultivate potential members more? First of all you have to give people a good propaganda effect, give people the feeling not too fake! All for the sake of customers! Take a local information portal website! First website information in some sites in the relatively slow update data is relatively small, some update more quickly! The feeling is what kind of? Update more quickly what it means, is clearly more popular enough, good enough for advertising businesses is a concept of what, it has made you sign a single success rate increased to 50%, so there is a may perhaps have the effect may have no effect, so how to deal with this problem, you need to vigorously promote your website, have no effect, so insist, will give you a really The popularity of spirit inside, although there is not much effect, advertising merchants will sell this one for you.

how to pull to customers on site advertising? Give you a step! I am in technical and planning position in the company, you must first ask the clerk to find potential customers information to you, the clerk is general access to telephone access, screening of potential customers. And then, you have to give customers the design of a special ad, free trial for potential customers, the effect was put on the site advertising. In general, the customer is willing to help you free promotion! Then free of charge to the customer to put ads, perhaps no effect, but it is best to find more friends to pay special attention to the customer’s product, will be able to understand the customer’s phone products, visit customers, give your customers meet in effect >

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