Jumei.com Chen ou, interpretation of the 80’s nternet business dreams!

"you smell my perfume, but didn’t see my sweat; you have your rules, I have my choice; you deny me now, I decide my future; you laugh at me for nothing, not to love, my poor always waiting for you; you can despise our young we will prove that who is this era. The dream is doomed lonely journey, the road ultimately questioned and ridiculed, but, so what? Even if I have to live pretty covered all over with cuts and bruises. I am Chen ou, I speak for myself."

2012, jumei.com advertising achievements starring Chen Ou Chen EC ". The original dream oath with Beijing time on the night of May 16, 2014 and the NYSE bell dream. 30 year old Chen Ou became the youngest in the United States listed CEO, worth over 10 billion yuan. This is the best of times.


know Chen ou should be in the "you" of the show, I have forgotten the specific. But Chen Europe for their endorsement of the advertising language is really impressed me. The handsome young stars like CEO, Nanyang Technology University, a student record industry, after attending the Stanford University postgraduate courses of MBA, and then the establishment of jumei.com home business…… Chen Europe’s resume is very bright. Also let people have to admit that excellence is a habit.

Chinese there is an old saying "sanshierli". This has been fully confirmed in Chen ou. However, it is impossible to achieve the dream of 99.99% people. Chen Ou’s success, in my opinion, this is not only the success of the United States, but a symbol of the spirit. There is a dream, there is no fear. Entrepreneurial road, although the future is difficult, even suffering from pain and doubt, but there is a dream there is hope. Chen ou, just to the impetuous young people set an example, the interpretation of the entrepreneurial dream, everything is possible.

of course, listed on the road, jumei.com has also experienced a lot of hardships. Among them, many people criticized and questioned is the United States and the United States, fake rumors. This sand water is just an unknown truth of the masses, it will not make any comment. However, in the United States before the listing of some of the media, some people will have such a love finding spirit, or that is a kind of habit, around the United States fake door rumors in hot pursuit, this is also a wonderful scenery. Of course, we believe that this is a good reminder, but also a good expectation for jumei.com.

here, the same as a 80, is really very much to congratulate and admire Chen ou. Although the sand water only two years younger than Chen ou, but he has made achievements in this age is certainly far beyond reach me, perhaps a lifetime beyond the reach of. But it’s not a big deal. There is a difference in people, everyone needs to recognize their own position, set up their own mind, have their own dreams. Chen Ou’s successful interpretation of the entrepreneurial dream. We also have the right to dream, to dream of being the next example. This is what we can

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