No team is not alone in entrepreneurial farewell


team is not alone in this venture, farewell! Words you have feelings, not to say that a person’s strength is small, but the team has more power.

our ancestors once said, Two heads are better than one. All the people gathered the fire. It shows that many people are more powerful than one.


asked, what is the most, there is no doubt that the most people, many people cast our labor is not worth the money. Because the labor is not worth the money, so the boss will often be squeezed, if you think you are very good to show a lot of style, many times, the boss will only be a bigger step of the press, to the end only slag.

I do not deny that a lot of people, the work is very good, can be a good life, do not deny the existence of a lot of working emperor, there are many corporate executives celebrities. But work has always been under the radiation of the people, many times still have a strong sense of oppression, if there is a favorite work, but also can say the past.

film and television animation together before the graduation of students, some to do some insurance, to do the professional thing to do animation, some go to gaming, but I have to continue to indulge in the Internet before admission. Seemingly ridiculous things, but in our side. Think about the work of the ridiculous agreement, the school’s commitment to honor the school, to do their own resume, the school to you to invest in different companies, there is a company hired is assigned work.

has a lot of students in college, some students compare the tragedy, the first semester will be sent to the factory (the name of the name of the work practice, the monthly salary to get the bulk of their school, take a fraction). Listen to the friends in the factory said that every year in the graduation season, there are one after another bus, open to their factories, which is called the university entrance said the distribution of work.

said so many things unrelated to entrepreneurship, just want to say why I want to choose entrepreneurship, do not choose to work.


has recently been several online friends and talk about the website construction of things, because of the network of people, business website made us the best solution, I asked myself, put the computer from your life away, what will you? I was shocked, yes, I in addition to computer, what are No.

the day before yesterday with a friend on the local website yesterday, and another friend also talked about the local website, has said, local websites need a small team of operators, if just one person, I think this person of ability is futile, shuangquannandi four hands. In particular, the local site early, looking for businesses to cooperate, it is inevitable that the phenomenon of big business phenomenon.

these remind me of the things I used to say, why would I have a BMW? Three bosses to talk about a business, a walk, a taxi to go, a BMW to go. Who is to get >

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