A Jun stick thin day income of nearly thousand dollars in the whole process of combat

many beginner friends ask me what to do now to make money? I simply answered, do product.

is indeed the future of the network to make money in the industry will be based on products, only to sell products to make money. Well now what products sell? Such as health care products, supplies, supplies for women, these are violent products, such as hair loss this product purchase price only a few dollars, on the network (except Taobao) can be sold for seven hundred or eight hundred yuan. There is a good way, today mainly to talk about the operation of a o Chun Li thin paste slimming products how to achieve the daily income of several hundred yuan.

you can search in Baidu posted thin, my www.lttb.com.cn site Baidu ranked first in nature, this station is purely for the purpose of playing.

this product is directly in the purchase of the factory is 5 dollars, to Taobao to buy only $10. And on the site to sell 120 yuan a box of violence! Two for one, even if the profit space is very large.

this station is built with DEDECMS, just a single page website.

first step website optimization

when optimizing the site, ranking up just a matter of time. The site took 20 days to do Baidu first, and stable for nearly 1 years. This site is done last summer, the domain name is nearly two months due.

since Baidu first, every day can receive orders. Sometimes orders exceed one thousand. Maybe you will ask A Jun, why do you stand so many orders, your traffic is high, wrong, my site and not much traffic stable at around 30-50IP per day. But every IP is my potential customers, they search for Li thin paste is to want to understand this product, my site just to meet their needs, so every day can earn several hundred dollars sometimes to income 1000.

second steps to do customer service work

site ranking up, you can directly arrange customer service staff or do their own customer service. There are people on the site every day orders, shipping logistics company can (with cash on delivery or contract signed for EMS). There are a lot of website customer service skills, here I will not introduce one by one.

although only two strides, but in which there are many details need to be. This can only rely on their own to explore.


station is now basically not how to manage, can bring A Jun income of several hundred dollars a day, sometimes not customer service landing, customers directly in order to see the message after message system, I call to confirm before shipment. So simple. So now if you ask me, what is the most profitable network. I tell you that is the product, to find a product can do a year of violence can also be more than 10 tens of thousands of normal things.

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