From refugee to Uber chief technology officer the story of an Asian survivor

[editor’s note] the legendary investor George · Soros is Jewish refugees, MSCI CEO Henry. Fernandez is the Nicaragua refugees, the late former Intel CEO Andy · grove is the Jewish refugees…… Salute to the miracle worker. From ostrich FM, the original text.


opened a story behind the Asian faces, and touched a strange history……

vietnam. 1955 to 1975. According to Baidu, this is a "South Vietnam war against North Vietnam, South Vietnam ended with the surrender. Later, because of the economic collapse and other reasons, more than 1 million 500 thousand Vietnamese boats to flee their homes, "the boat" was born. The hero of this article is on a ship in 1979. That year he was 10 years old, and orphaned mother weak brother, as well as the other more than and 370 people curled up in a refugee ship on a length of 60 meters, the whole ship did not have a life jacket. It was the end of his childhood and the beginning of exile.

his name is Thuan Pham. He is now Uber CTO.

Jedi to survive, only figure life


in the ship before, Thuan Pham has been working with the family dwelling in Xigong, the flying arrow is not EHL day and night shaved the wall. I do not know when and where the death will come to the door of the house who, Jedi survival is a compulsory course for every day. An air raid alarm sounded, Thuan Pham will quickly close doors and windows, into the bottom of the table waiting for dawn. As soon as the sun came out, Thuan Pham would run out and pick up the warheads with his friends, and this kind of resource, all around them.

do not know more details about his childhood, because many have been selectively forgotten, but one thing is ingrained to stay: the survival instinct will never change until death, fling caution to the winds to live.



is a number MT-2377 in the Thuan refugee boat, Pham memory, and it is now full of refugees in Syria. The boat of identical. 60 meters, three on the lower layer, each corner was stuffed to the brim, can not be turned around, Thuan Pham was tucked in, by an air hole (each one) and a little food for 3 days. Privacy and dignity?. The excretion of 3 days all pull in the crotch, including women, including his mother Thuan Pham.

3 days later, MT-2377 arrived at Mara Thea. How many people died in the 3 days, no record in Thuan Pham interview. Only to know that the ship came ashore, the survivors were all rejected, and this is the prevailing practice in many Asian countries. Unwilling to

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