The new line January put the target keywords push on the front page

There is a list of





makes me very tangled, very surprised today, is a gaming network, this is no tangled promotion, resulting in betting types of sites are competitive in nature, love Shanghai search or gambling gaming network, the index is not high, a 700, a 300, but you will find each this website is two words and the home page, it is difficult to doping other sites, even the love of Shanghai, know, Wikipedia library can not see, has been extended to 70 pages, is the home page, this is terrible, a very high degree of competition.

I was curious to see him, to see how he is doing, his first domain name is baidu3333, very strange name, the chain included 28, 300, 1, 2-9 snapshot, flow, and other new information is not much difference. Check the chain when he found a strange place, his chain including the A5 forum, various gaming forums, there is a SEQING information, but it should not be his own hair, I cut a figure to look at you, is he able to cobble together the domain name of the website.

look at the first station, you are betting and gambling through words, both columns, the search box is very obvious, the stack keywords, at the bottom of the Links bar also has piled up phenomenon, except I live with a red frame, the other is linked to his own home page:

surprised me because it is the site to site for more than a month, there have been 2 words ranking, but there is also on the home page, a word is gambling, in the 32 row, the other is a betting rating, ranked tenth, betting the word rating index in 100, the difficulty of slightly more than just said little, but the same fierce competition. 1 months time, the two words are in high competition ranking, which really surprised me is not small, other people may still stick to a month to consider home has not included, still want to do in the station optimization, chain extension.


that did not even be right down, can get ranked but in so fierce competition, sense of wonder, I went to check the website keyword density with webmaster tools, found the highest density is only 1.9%, which belongs to the normal situation, look back at the site, found that the original he calls the six columns of the latest articles section, content recommendation section, special recommendation section, recently updated sections on the home page, greatly increase the page number of words, but also dilute the keyword density significantly, so that search engine is not so easy to find out.

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