Entrepreneurship is preparing for college entrance examination how you win the battle

OK, continue to adjust the state, killed in battles, is a true portrayal of the majority of entrepreneurs.

you have been through a hard struggle, over and over the threshold, and finally out of their own position, and the bitterness of only you can understand.


said that entrepreneurship may fail, but entrepreneurs life is doomed to success; someone to comfort the candidates: diploma but a train ticket, sleeper or hard seat, hard sleeper and finally had to get off the ticket for standing room, looking for work, the boss is not too concerned about how you come, and pay more attention to the "what will you be".

editor to say, entrepreneurial success or failure, life does not depend on a business failure or glory, but often to the success of the last to declare the value of life; students on which school can’t decide what you will, but also can provide better for you to go to the province a lot of effort in vain, "what will be" learning opportunities.

if the business than into a college entrance examination, fail anyway, but success is still a better start, entrepreneurs how to prepare for the "full" entrepreneurial tide


subdivision will never be wrong

to break every division, the natural entrance is the top list. Entrepreneurs who want to board the top of the list of the industry’s only way: to serve each of the projects are made to color.

apply to every subject to each kind of problem are all broken, repeated practice, it will be more smoothly through the college entrance examination. Entrepreneurs are the field of differentiation of each item several attempts, batted changes in the market, the needs of users, each branch are of delicate and sweet, the likelihood of success is close to one hundred percent.

startup experience from 0 to 1 in the process, must be a single point of breakthrough, from a breakdown of the field to highlight the core value of self, then push away, eventually connecting more "single point" segment, gradually forming a network with energy accumulation.

startups can also have consultants

college entrance examination can have a variety of counseling, because it is more professional, the students in the existing knowledge on a solid foundation to make targeted enhancement, can greatly shorten the struggling time, students can also will reduce unnecessary detours "".

companies can also have problems such as "auxiliary", and some related formalities, the company registered financial and business scope, entrepreneurs often have great enthusiasm, but the lack of professional knowledge in various fields to lead "".

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