The website is six K

1, the website included rate reduced by


many people have to prevent the site is k, but not quite understand what optimization method will cause the site was K. In this article I will experience to optimize the lottery website program introduced by the reason of K website.

The content of

is a new lottery website program site, website appears sometimes have sometimes not, such instability although it is normal, but if you want a long time of the lottery website program 贵族宝贝yikuyun贵族宝贝/ site similar case is not normal, because his collected is stable. At this time the webmaster should pay attention to, look at your usual work methods and the use of skills is not a problem, timely remedy can solve the problems.

site is k phenomenon there are many, but have included an obvious site is reduced, if a lottery website program site included reducing and has not been up to consider this is not a problem, after all, no reason has been reduced this is very dangerous, this time webmaster should pay attention to, is not under consideration of your optimization method is a problem, timely remedy, otherwise it will lead to the site is k off.


website program makes love Shanghai spiders don’t be able to grab the previous lottery website program web content, so the website program didn’t before, which resulted in the confusion of the spider, which he believes are not the same site, so it is easy to be K off, only the love of spiders in Shanghai trust you. Your website will last longer.

4, using third party software

website snapshot is love Shanghai to do every day, recording my lottery website program site every day, it is a mirror, but if the website snapshot is not stable, so webmaster will need to play fast and loose, pay special attention to, this will likely lead to site is K.

I believe everyone is generally not encountered such a situation, should be the probability of such a small, estimate your luck will not back to the case, but if your site is K and what the reasons are checked no problem, it may cause the reason is bidding. Not only do the bidding software Xiaofeng still do optimization, my approach is to divide them.

3, website snapshot play fast and loose

5, the program’s websiteReplace the

2, the website included unstable

Replace the

some webmaster to do website optimization, rapid promotion of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, so it will use other software. Although the third party software has good effect, but that effect is fast, the disadvantages are obvious, but it is not for a long time, is a flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, informal, is most likely to lead to site optimization techniques K.

6, bidding caused by K

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