How to modify and write the title of the website Reasonable writing site title to subvert the tradit

before we talk about how to write the title, the type we first talk about the title in Shanghai dragon’s point of view, the title is divided into the page title, column page title and details page title. Here I will no longer believe that these basic concepts is what we have been very clear.



In fact, the Here we talk about

site title, is on our website for a highly generalization, is used to tell visitors to your site is what to do, what can be provided for visitors. Shanghai Longfeng friends all know that the site title is a very important content in the process of optimizing Shanghai dragon. So how to modify and write the site title? Today, Xiaobian and share their views, and we talk how to write a can meet the needs of users, and can meet the demand of the search engine website title.

website contains the core word is no problem, but the key is how we can make reasonable and comfortable in the title contains the core word at the same time, also meet the needs of users and the needs of the search engine, it is easy to say, it will require some practice and experience. First of all, we need to know is that we write the title is to give the user the user in the search for relevant keywords, our website title can be displayed to users urgently need what is one of the most important part of a good title. Here I take the decoration industry for example, familiar with this industry friends all know, in the decoration of the search fell in love with the sea two words have a large part to see the effect of map, the user may not enter the "decoration effect diagram" directly in the search engine, but we must be aware of what the user want to see. We can clearly see this point in the "decoration" is a word search results, almost all of the sites in the title row home in Shanghai love will have the "effect" of this point.

common website title is how to write. I believe many friends in Shanghai Longfeng view, our website title must contain the core keywords website, usually 3-5 a key word, or directly with the core word as the title of the site is also very common. For example below in this website, search the farmhouse, the site in Shanghai love home, ranking can also, its title is full use of core words as the title, followed by his own brand of words. In fact, such a title you said it was wrong of course not wrong?. How to write the title does not exist right or wrong, only good or bad, reasonable or unreasonable. Xiao Bian think this website title is not reasonable, why not reasonable? We will chat with the following.

is not only decoration, almost all have a certain competitive strength, relatively hot words, the top-ranking website title has such characteristics: to meet the needs of the users search. Clear this point to meet the needs of users, we do a lot of work here is good. Of course, if you want to.

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