How to add the DMOZ directory to get Google high weight

5, not just a list of keywords

First we look at the

description should be your company or organization to provide products and services of

3, the classification of the editor to retain your login category and content of the right to modify the transfer log

9, please use

, a title and description must be concise

12, do not submit a list of keywords

2, submitted for non normal use of the website

may sometimes need to wait too anxious edit email, have very important skills, such as your address is QQ贵族宝贝, then you should use the [email protected]贵族宝贝 mailbox to edit email >


DMOZ is one of the few still adhere to the existing web site directory is added, although because the manual update speed is very slow, so as a historic site directory, artificial included bring rigour is included in the DMOZ website has brought a phase when the weight ratio of good, but for Google DMOZ there are more special meaning (is one of the earliest weight evaluation standard, Google) foreign friends must try to add into the DOMZ’s own website, this will be very helpful to improve your website ranking.

correct punctuation

10, do not use hyperbole to describe your site

1 do not submit duplicate


requirements are not particularly harsh, but in fact to by DMOZ is the need to spend a little time, for example:


do not contain HTML TagsFrom the

in Chinese of Shanghai dragon tutorial, keyword repetition, generally require our webmaster heap description and title for example: Taobao off men, Taobao customers selling men’s clothing, men’s list of Taobao off the description of China grassroots Adsense this is normal, but in the DMOZ editor’s eyes this belongs to the stack keywords cheating, so it is best not to repeat in the title and description of your keywords, conditional word title and description can appear only once (harsh..).

4, the name of the site should be used in your company or organization’s official name

8, please use the simple and appropriate statement to describe your site

two, Email address the mystery of

DMOZ on the official website submission requirements:

6, not just the name of your product list

11, do not submit your company history or performance

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