Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis material picture website diagnosis summary recommendations


website is a gallery, first use the tools to check the information about the site, included 1920, trans 1850, 2-6 snapshot, site time in August 11, it looks good, the snapshot, it should be very good exchange chain. See the main keywords ranking, basically no ranking, the lowest index 600, the highest more than 4000, ranking is not easy to do.

general information in this way, my suggestions are as follows:

1, remove the junk chain, to add a picture or material website every day the best friends of the chain, and included PR high, snapshot slow a little matter, let them give you drive the weight, you give them with.

check the chain, the surprise is only 2, and there is a no data, is estimated to be in love with the sea K, have not been removed. There is a chain of PR3, included more than 20 thousand, odd, how can this exchange with him, asked him if he was his own station, he said no, friend, it is no wonder. I reckon it will not this chain support, this website may be right down. Then check the chain, is the forum, signature, and a small part of the Search ask, not much use, the main keywords ranking effect is very small, basically do not have the ranking is.

this two days at home without incident, the company is not required to write soft, idle awful, usually also see A5 soft, some of their relatively weak learning some knowledge, see yourself resonate or cause what idea, will want to write some soft Wen, if before, is all there, what write may not be a headache, but now the company does not require me to write text, a week there is a large enough, soft Wen wrote also in vain, think too bad, go to A5 on looking for a long-term cooperation for its website, occasionally write some soft Wen, but also the way to earn extra money brother, good heart, write soft Wen also comes with a love of Shanghai space link love Shanghai library links, good for him. Of course, I am also curious to see if he is what kind of website, why need soft Wen to promote

look at the station optimization, layout, URL, three labels, navigation, bread crumbs are doing well, the website structure is good, the bottom of the page from the home page to the 3-4 layer appearance, each section has a corresponding label, believe this website snapshot, a large part of the reason is here. It should be website design background. But there is a drawback: the main keywords are bold, but the station did not see H tags, H1-H6 tags are keywords to search engine good recognition site, can make the search engine understand the focus of your site in which, for keywords ranking is very helpful. There is no time at the bottom of the site navigation, which is a big defect, site map and web page what can be put in here, you can also write some key words search, increase the density, but also conducive to ranking, conducive to spider crawling. This did not make good use of it is a shame.

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