What are the benefits of original content

every day to adhere to the original website content of what is good, there are many webmaster think just improve your weight, increase the amount collected, but did not consider the user experience, but also did not consider the residence time, the number of users to scroll, reprinted many times, here is a detailed analysis.

good article will be voluntary users reproduced, because most people will have the spirit of sharing, so whenever you feel an article interesting or helpful, can to each big BBS, blog, website, let more people read this article, but only the original article can be voluntary reprint the opportunity, so spend some time doing the original article, the return is very large.

The residence time is called

贵族宝贝hycf.net/ please indicate the source.


search engine has more attention to the original content of the website and so you must remember do not covet easily, and every day use acquisition software, should take a little time to make the original article, will really help to the website.

second: page number

third: back to the user

fourth: voluntary reproduced

website mainly rely on search engines to flow, but also to learn how to turn left from the search engine to the user, the user’s long-term active in, and is the best way to enter the domain name in, rather than through in search engine results, but must first clear, want to let users take the initiative to come second times. The website must first chew, but the original content is only able to hold the user.

This paper comes from

: the first time


when the user from the search results Click to enter the site, will be around to see if there is no little can read the original article here, the role is very big, the users will read this article, and then click into another article to circulate the click, search engine will be recorded, adding the ranking rules, but if the content of the website is collected, and through the pseudo original, so that greatly reduce the readability, when users see a lot of typos, the statement is not fluent, can guess affirmation is directly off the site and leave, see after the website is sure to immediately shut down.

, when the user from the search engine click in, stay on the site in the first time, original content is readable, when the user to read the article, thereby increasing the residence time, Shanghai Longfeng experts clearly show that the search engine has the user from the search results click the stop into the site later joined the ranking rules, so that you should adhere to a minimum of not less than two of the original content every day.

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