Web site keywords ranking why suddenly drop How to prevent

4. note: website content website content quality depends on the quality of the site keywords ranking, good content can make it easier for users to search, and better reading and communication; but the poor quality of web content will affect the overall ranking of the site and quality, this will lead to bad site reputation in long time the acquisition will be found.


web site keywords ranking drop suddenly without warning, sometimes, the site management thought is love Shanghai update, cause website ranking drop suddenly, to hundreds of meters away is a very normal thing, love Shanghai after the resumption, ranking will immediately rebound. But is this really the case?

to explain with an example:

found us through this thing, because we usually think that the site is not a big problem, so we ignore these things. Every day we go to work the first time you should check the website space, check Links, check the chain etc..

the original website chain number is about 4000 of the chain, but suddenly rose to more than 16000, the chain is mostly black lottery and other links, which occupies the site of most of the chain. To find a clue, I logged on to the site to see the site of FTP, was injected into a large number of documents, there are nearly 20000 files, delete these, using the chain query tool chain link will refuse to operate, waiting for the love Shanghai data update.

1. Links: Links is a There are both advantages and disadvantages. conditions. Always check the relevant Links website, the website can understand each other, if there are other sites not updated snapshot, ranking drop badly, was linked to the black chain link, the number of more than 35 above, should be decisive link to unload.

3. chain: the love Shanghai tool to view the number of the chain is the most accurate, we detected by tool link quality is very low, and the website weight is very low, and there is love of Shanghai to punish suspects, it is necessary to pay attention to, these can be processed through the chain to chain.

encountered things should be resolved immediately:

, a web site keywords in the hands of a sudden drop in rankings decline, although not to the hundreds of meters away, but each noun keyword down at about 40-50 or so. Because before encountered such a situation, it is not very concerned about. Because I was engaged in website construction and website optimization work, so when your site to use Webmaster Tools query, by way of the chain query website with love Shanghai hand tools, let me be startled at the query results.

Two days before

2. website: website space space is properly connected, check folder operation in time sequence, if the file has been tampered with, we should pay attention to these files, and delete. And check the web site vulnerabilities fix vulnerabilities to prevent future tampering.

Detection of

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