Novice reading site within the chain chain map is important

, a cast chain in fort. One is the chain is our every day Daogu backlinks, in the search engine looks more more backlinks to a site on behalf of the station at the other station in the position, reflected in the search engine is the level of weight. Weight is a very complicated parameter, no index can say clear the search engine to "weight" the meaning of the word, on the one hand is the search engine algorithm in change, on the other hand is the search engine algorithm is not open to the public. In the search engine rules of 1+1 can not equal to 2, that is to say the high quality articles and high quality of the chain is not equal to the ranking, which we had some time "rain Shanghai dragon" raise a Babel of criticism of the "Shijiazhuang securities" we can see that do. We can make nothing of it using some means to obtain the temporary rank, and the consequent is K or pull hair. So we must follow certain rules, must have certain rules, update the article does not have too much, to ensure the quality of the chain, don’t worry too much, to ensure uniform increase, do not suddenly increase too much, suddenly good long time does not increase, the result is fatal.

as a bit of a shallow understanding of Shanghai dragon, I repeated every day in which every ER Shanghai dragon in repeat things, update and release links. We are aware of the high quality articles and high quality links to the benefits of the website is big, but every day to update the guide especially high quality of the owners are in the minority, to obtain high quality relative can easily some links. We can also learn from the A5 station, each article published in time which said in the original article, and is very simple or is the original or false original height. And to link it there are a lot of ways and means to obtain, there are many ways we get outside of the chain, of course, for stability, high weight, high correlation of the link is our wish for, but often no matter what method can get we use most of the are some low weight links.


site map. Some people say that the chain is very simple, is to establish a link to other pages on each page, so as to help the search engine to the site along the links to every page. At first glance it seems quite right, if not for the search engines, for visitors to the site described above all, increasing the website PV also brought more visitors to understand the chance of your web site. But how about, search engine spiders every day how much time go to your website like shopping as to have included a page to visit? This point you can from the website backstage log check, if your site is not new search engine spiders the highest efficiency is more willing to find you the latest web site included the fastest, this is the way to search engine spiders really work. Here, maybe a friend of my words will doubt, inside the chain if you do not also.