How to let the JavaScript script does not affect the Shanghai Dragon

All the factors related with the Shanghai dragon

1, "on both the expression of HTML, DOM was used to control effects. As long as all the factors associated with the Shanghai dragon HTML express, search spiders can crawl to the paragraph, which included the paragraph or according to the link to crawl, because spiders don’t grab JavaScript script, so the use of DOM control effect will not have any impact on the spider crawling. If you will need to crawl through the link to display variable assignment on JavaScript script, so the spider is unable to obtain the relevant parameters: link anchor text, pointing to the URL, if you don’t want a spider crawling links, will write the JavaScript script variable is a good way to. The content you can refer to the "JavaScript tab" switch ", is not conducive to an example on the Shanghai dragon JS navigation articles.


2, if there is hope that the spiders crawl the target page to turn, do not use the JavaScript script to jump, because the spider completely unable to get the target page address, URL specifies the target is a good way of using noscript markers, because spiders can correctly identify the noscript tag, and a >

We all know that

is the search engine spiders also no way to deal with the JavaScript content of the script, the reason is very simple, even as a simple weakly typed scripting language, it is still a programming language, there is a variety of skills, only the script execution engine to parse correctly, but not like HTML as the provisions of paradigm and framework, so the final output of the acquisition difficulty should be much larger than HTML, it can refer to the use of the browser to open a script with JavaScript and without JavaScript script page for the CPU and memory usage, you can know the JavaScript script has brought considerable overhead, and this some of the cost is small into large output, so it can be foreseen in quite a long time, still can not search spider JavaScript The script to achieve good support, unless the search engine developers developed technology can obtain results of the implementation of the JavaScript script with low cost. But many effects "still need to rely on JavaScript to complete (expect flash more reliable analysis, it is compiled SWF, need to rely on reverse engineering to analyze the source code of the game), so we do when the site still cannot do without the JavaScript script, so how to make the JavaScript script does not affect Shanghai dragon became the novice friends need a problem to know. Here are some of my personal views.