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the investment fund of this industry is established in the form of limited partnership, and the fund size is not more than 2 billion 200 million yuan. Among them, the Bayesian Shenzhen invested 100 thousand yuan, as a general partner, executive partner and fund manager; this capital invested 500 million yuan, as the inferior level of limited partner; other limited partners will be invested to raise third party.

investment in this department, Ding Tai two will be at the price of 2 billion yuan, to the three shareholders of Beijing star star star Wide River Investments Limited, Souren Capital Holdings Limited and Liu Yan, a total of 40% of the equity acquisition.


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the evening of June 4th, the new material department announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen zhongkechuangwei Capital Investment Limited hereinafter referred to as "zhongkechuang capital", form the star investment capital to participate in the establishment of industrial investment fund, to be not more than 2 billion yuan, the acquisition of 40% equity capital star. At present, the investment still needs to be submitted to the shareholders’ meeting for consideration and implementation.

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valuation of 5 billion yuan, A shares were acquired 40% stake

announcement shows that this capital invested 500 million yuan to participate in the "Shenzhen city Keding Thailand two Bayesian venture investment partnership limited partnership" hereinafter referred to as "Keding Thailand two".

after the acquisition, the ownership structure of star capital:

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according to the purchase price to calculate, the valuation of star capital is 5 billion yuan. And this valuation, compared with last June, when the star shares donated 6 billion 287 million yuan valuation, down 20.47%.

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editor’s note: the fate of star may change.


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this acquisition, star valuation of 5 billion yuan, compared with June last year, when the star shares donated 6 billion 287 million yuan valuation, down 20.47%.

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the fate of the star may change.

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read Jun see, this evening, A shares of the company’s new material 002290 issued a notice, its wholly-owned subsidiary intends to not more than 2 billion yuan, the acquisition of 40% stake in star capital.

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it is worth mentioning that, after the completion of the acquisition, Liu Yan and its team still holds 53.93% stake in star capital, the company’s control will not be affected.

ownership structure in the star, Keding Thailand two to 40% stake in star capital second shareholders, accounting for 40% of the proportion of shares, Beijing star Wide River Investments Limited will continue to maintain the identity of the largest shareholder, the shareholding ratio of 50.59%; the star year capital holdings limited and Liu Yanzhan 3.34% shares, other shareholders the proportion is 6.07%.

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