nterpretation of the relationship between long tail keywords and target keywords that lifelike

could you listen to a long time haven’t heard the theme, then.

and home with a natural ranking advantage, especially in the Shanghai side of love. That is the URL level, the level of home is the least, that is born is the ranking of the best place. And we usually do when the external links are basically the chain to the home page, so is the natural home to do target words, do a little more than a popular directory long tail point because of the weight from the front page gets higher in the past, the entire website page is the most vulnerable, so used to make cold word. So the general website basically is the layout, because this is the most reasonable layout. The first argument to just in front of the target keywords or from easy to difficult.

speaking is to say keywords layout, a reasonable layout is the home page target keywords of our site, here we have said long. When it comes to the choice of keywords, when we choose to choose keywords, keywords to divided into three categories: the most popular with the home page to do, medium with the directory page to do the inside pages with partial upset to do. Of course, if you are a station can also be divided more accurately according to the page level, because the division is reasonable, this is the allocation of resources is the most reasonable. Why is this? Because the home page is a site of the biggest resource gathering, the inside pages of all links are even back home, there is a vote on the home page.

Shanghai dragon basically on the long tail keywords and target keywords should be very understand, because our website generally only two words, one is the target keywords, one is the long tail keywords. Often see some people say that in between these two words to do, some people say that the first target keywords, because it is the most important, the most important words should be in the first place. Some people said we should do first because of the long tail keywords, long tail keywords relatively easy to do, so we do website keywords should start with easy words, then step by step to the keywords. About this argument there is actually a better answer, before announcing the answer we must understand the principle, that is to say that we must understand the relationship between the target keywords and long tail keywords.


according to the above keywords layout and natural home advantage, another new station itself weight is not high, is also the home itself does not have much weight, which have excess weight to guide page. So we must first overcome the target keywords, when capture target keywords we should first do the easy things first. This is my previous often speak from easy to difficult, rather than the so-called first page ranking, and page ranking. The front also said a website only two words, is the target keywords and long tail keywords, we should first capture target keywords, after capturing target keywords our website will have a certain weight to the inside pages, then our long tail keywords have a chance to participate in competition.

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