Shanghai dragon thought strategy to superior network

a superior online line before the Shanghai dragon is not a little effect at all? We did optimization for nearly a month, the anchor text blog forum normal Shanghai dragon, made some friends of the chain, the chain is relatively high quality station. Blog articles are original. There are a lot of high level forum account, forums are also high weight site. But until now, have not been included. Do Shanghai dragon is the following: when we started, the website still open, this time we started to do anchor text link chain and blog forum. This is one of my doubts: do not prematurely. The two is when doubts can open a website, just the station, but this has not been updated. We are in a situation to do optimization. So far, the result is not included, no snapshot.

Youpin network finally on the line, silently fighting for nearly a month, really do not know how to describe, don’t know early to do is not in vain, is not a little effect are not, will not be affected worse. From the point of view of Shanghai dragon, do some analysis, it also puts forward some questions worth thinking.

is the second, so we will not be punished Shanghai love optimization. The love of Shanghai is the most important user experience, this from 622, 628, 7-12 can obviously see. When it comes to the company web site suddenly found to go into the website or have been very simple and the site has not been updated by our friends of the chain and the anchor text link, he will think that this is not a good site. Even think that this website is superior network is poor, poor user experience. This will lead to the line on the website, in the update optimization to increase the difficulty. Observe the love of Shanghai will be a longer time on the product website. Furthermore, because of more links, superior network is in love with the sea before is a very poor quality of the station, there are a lot of links to him, and is a one-way link. This will make love Shanghai think this is cheating. That is to say we optimize over Shanghai dragon.

third, since the boss to do so without a reason, a reason is what, here is a guess is this: in second, superior network made all the Shanghai dragon foundation work, when the line on the website, through the optimization of the weight slowly, then this in front of the line to do the optimization will be included in a Shanghai love update a sudden increase in number. So in the whole station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the optimization done it is necessary. According to the upin贵族宝贝 domain name is the old name, had a very high popularity, also included many. So in the high weight, will increase included some long ago, on the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization will bring great effect.

looked at these points, we will find that they will conflict, but are likely to occur, some can.

The long-awaited

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