The fastest recovery dropped four points right website weight

: to restore the

: if you change the title, then compare what is the difference between now and the title of the previous title, own a website has also changed the title, but the main keywords ranking did not disappear, then how to modify it? In fact, modify the title, every website needs modify the title, in my view, the title is only se a very important factor to judge the theme of the site is a Spring Snail website began to modify, and then change the title changed to Shanghai dragon type website, so when the relationship has changed, SE will re search your site, because the ranking is and the correlation is closely related to, if the correlation is suddenly no, then only the re search, so the title, please be sure to pay attention to the correlation, is what kind of before Type, then we must reorganize the language that correlation does not change the title above is personal opinion;

chain, the importance, here comes to the anchor text first, said the little effect of the anchor text, anchor text can convey the website weight and relevance, let se identify your station is what station, this is also the reason why so popular forum signature. Then in view of the points above, we can see that the powerful effect of the anchor text, anchor text here if you want to quickly restore the weight of words, suggest the chain directly to friends or to buy high quality, these are necessary, only high quality can quickly choose faster rehabilitation, or to do Links link, a day maintenance 1-2 Links, this time is to use the anchor text relevance and the theme of want to care about are combined to maximize recovery.

three: check the website to restore the weight of

Check the

website, here to check Links, don’t link to bad neighbors, check the web spam, do not appear a large number of illegal content, check the website space.

then, we need to ensure the relevance of published articles, each article has introduced the main keywords, content, guarantee a certain keyword density, this time the original article will be how important it is to do to the spider and eat is the best, then let the spider found the theme of these articles I, in order to better safeguard the spider, if the analysis can do regularly positioning it was one of the best ways.

two: the chain of the anchor text to restore the weight of


loved Shanghai right down, basically every webmaster have experienced such a situation, whether we often change our title and we often go to send some spam links, and so on, love of Shanghai are very sensitive to these behaviors, and we have to do is calm, but also believe that the weight of the website is certainly you can come back, every right down the website has let love Shanghai touched a nerve place, then we should be how to quickly solve these, said that under the author’s own experience.

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