Shanghai dragon love Shanghai webmaster do brush drop-down box or walk to the end point

stood in the position of the enterprise marketing, this is how precious a piece of gold advertising ah, as a user’s view, once the user understand that these are through non normal means to obtain the position in the future, how will love Shanghai to look at these lying in the drop-down box brand? Life everywhere full of every kind of advertising, the same users also and ad banner to make every hour and moment, facing this Tencent, search and other search engines, Shanghai love think? A small series of views such as the article said [malicious Shanghai Longfeng, so I believe love Shanghai 贵族宝贝sietoo贵族宝贝/shenzhen/archives_88.html] the Internet is a big fish pond, we have to find their own fish, if you want to come in, have a duty to maintain the sustainable development of fish ponds, let the fish yield more Many fish. Let everyone get maximum benefits.

in love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search a get out of hand, network marketing game player who also have see love attitudes in Shanghai. No doubt this is love and Shanghai, contrary to the idea of the search engine, love Shanghai has always respected respect for the user experience, to meet the needs of users. Like the drop-down box this bad user experience marketing behavior, love Shanghai why there has been no large-scale movement? All things have two sides, like Shanghai drop-down box similar, such as mass QQ software and Alibaba information acquisition software, it can be said that they are innumerable, a plug-in, and on the other hand, they are just software developers to see their vulnerabilities and continuously update.

said the first love Shanghai drop-down box marketing model, perhaps the first love Shanghai how do not think there will be a small software companies use this place to start trading, after the principle of the drop-down box was figured out, the technical realization is very easy, so many small software companies spotted this market, launched a large number of keywords, each brush platform drop-down box, search marketing software.



is about half a year ago, a webmaster forum out boldly speculated that love Shanghai drop-down box one result of development of marketing, is love Shanghai own use, careful love Shanghai Fans may have discovered this phenomenon as above, then this can be understood as love love Shanghai Shanghai has already begun marketing the drop-down box brush the drop-down box? Love Shanghai software is going to the end point

love Shanghai this new mode drop-down box is still in the testing phase of small flow, what.

undeniable effect of this type of marketing is really the objective of enterprise, marketing is a sword, while the enterprise brand publicity benefits also have significant effect. Is a software for enterprise fame harvest ah. So the emergence of today’s situation, resulting in a lot of keywords in the drop-down box and relevant search inside, is full of company name is not naturally occurring at.

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