The website of Shanghai Longfeng essential 10 soft writing style

The soft

1, a series of special soft

this title gives people the feeling is generally positive, so many users are keen on such a title. For example, "to improve the readability of 10 skills", "hematemesis share 100 high quality the chain site", cleverly listed on their ads on this kind of soft Wen, note that such soft collect reference, and expand their knowledge; then is the transmission rate is high, easy to be reprint, form the two spread, resulting in a certain influence, so people prefer this way of writing.

4, secret insider Wen


is often likened to a site of blood, so soft, writing must take into account the search engine and user experience 2 aspects. Soft Wen essence or article, just the writing more diversification, as a powerful tool for Shanghai dragon chain pioneer and enterprise brand building, because of the higher price, two times the rate of spread is strong, soft marketing became the first choice of webmasters. So write the text, write high quality soft is significant, the following is a great cross on a soft of several writing.

2, summed up the soft Wen

5, the story of the index of soft

this kind of article is mostly discussing around the problem, such as "5 days fast solution came right home page?", "what makes the site a day came right back?", "Shanghai dragon can really make the order double?", after questioning the topic and focus is caused by this kind of soft Wen the advantage, but is necessary to master the furnace, the question should be attractive, answer to fit the knowledge, otherwise would be counterproductive.


insider revelation soft, thanks to the study of psychology, there is often a kind of mystery, people do not see the words will feel regret, good grasp of the user’s psychology. Common formats such as "XX" XX insider "secret", a strong curiosity caused by the user, the user of the "privacy" and "insider" not even feel bored, you broke the news is not enough, but not pure play the title of the party, the best twists and turns a romantic beginning, need background knowledge to understand and grasp, in short, the content can not be empty.

as the name suggests, a soft writing is based on a series of special forms, such as the Shanghai dragon series soft, you can follow a special form of writing, writing station optimization of Shanghai Longfeng, outside the station optimization; or some portal topics, such as Tencent贵族宝贝 recently "why mob London," PX "light leak will destroy Dalian" and so on are carried out in the form of special topics, these topics will get a lot of traffic from search engines; personal website can be special and product bundling, many Taobao customers are doing so, it can improve the site traffic and conversion rate.

3, a kind of soft Wen

suspected of suspense

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