You may ignore about website anchor text in the role of the chain

first of all, from the perspective of


website content included angle increase from the angle of enhancing the user experience

station to see their own point of view in the webmaster, we add anchor text links in the content for the construction of the chain of the site, but from the user’s standpoint, this is a kind of content through reading guidance, such as user interest or wonder where to anchor text links, users may are more likely to find themselves interested in the topic, with the search engine algorithm upgrade, an important standard user experience today is the search engine to the site scores, then the most intuitive judgment is a website user experience or PV value when the PV value is high when the site is affected by the user’s favorite, if content the anchor text link this station, made the instructions in the important place and links to their websites, search engines are more likely to judge the content by the The original station.

search engine for the website content and standards has been improved, cheating, pseudo original is not based on, and included in the site is the most important content around the content directly determines the quality of the collection. But many of the new station in front of Shanghai love, often long time only included the home page of the website, and not included in the content page, if your content is always insist on do love, Shanghai is still not included, the anchor text links and the content of what is considered. Through the observation of some included better new sites, will be a lot of content at the end of the relevant content recommendation, these related content not only can guide users to read, also can appear keywords links to, also let a spider crawling in the process, again to capture other website content pages, so to a certain extent can help the content included the promotion opportunity.

from the angle of ascension site weight

station and the Shanghai dragon Er when writing content for the site, will be integrated into the link anchor text keywords in the text, but there is one point that is easy to overlook the webmaster, if not the words, will give up the chain of the site, do the anchor text. Many owners ignore the anchor text chain more comprehensive function, so we should from what respect to objective and comprehensive analysis of the anchor text in the role of the chain of


if our site is reasonable in structure of the chain, after the time to accumulate, page content directly links to each other, the whole web links into a network, the weight of the website can make a reasonable allocation, doing so can improve ZhengZhan optimization of the weight from this angle, so as to drive our ranking the website page, thus more to optimize some long tail keywords, will greatly improve our site traffic. I do love Korean women’s website, online is not too long, the general flow go home page weight, join the long tail keywords anchor text in the interior, in this way, the use of the article page to optimize the length >


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