K12 online education, product inventory, the future is pluralistic development, or return to the ess

Such products are mostly from the Fifth modes of

Ouyang some friends around know that I am doing website optimization promotion, website search engine marketing planning. Also know a website how to make money, sometimes with me to talk about the website is how to make money. For this problem before really did not make a summary, today, a brief summary of the site to make money, profit 9 modes.

in K12 online education company spewing at the same time, the type of product is showing a trend of diversification, such as looking for one-on-one after-school tutoring, online tutoring platform, find questions and answering products become popular online education A new force suddenly rises., product type, breaking the online education pattern has been teaching as the main product of the video. At present, more popular online education products, including the following types:

a website can actually be seen as a TV station. Television has advertisements and websites have advertisements. Television by high ratings to attract business investment and advertising to earn high advertising costs, high flow through the website to attract business advertising network advertising website exposure, another is directly to some of the advertising platform for advertisers, not through direct negotiations.

1, video teaching class represented by "good future, big learning" and "biography course network";

B2C: Taobao B2C. A business dealing directly with a user.

into the teaching system, the teacher is the most important characteristic of high quality teaching resources and teacher resources is very high, however, most of the video teaching products in addition to a good future, New Oriental has a strong line of teaching resources and teaching staff to assist online, most of the other products in the quality of teaching it is very difficult to guarantee the resources, especially the video teaching of higher development costs, the average cost of teaching quality of teachers per class in 1000~1500 yuan.

video teaching products, high-quality teaching resources difficult to obtain

search engine advertising, business advertising, direct advertising etc..

believes that this is the most known, the site by hanging advertising, allowing users to generate clicks, generate sales commissions, display and other ways to obtain revenue from advertisers.

5, integrated after-school tutoring products.

website’s first model of earnings: online advertising,

K12 online education spewing outbreak, product types are diverse, flowering

C2C: University C2C. Users release what they want to sell through the website platform, and other users sell it by looking for someone else.

3, Curve Wrecker Jun, 2005 search questions as the representative of the online answer;

2, the item bank type represented by "ape question bank" and "subject net";

according to "China Internet education industry trends report" shows that in 2015, the Internet education market growth rate among the industry’s third. Data show that 2013-2017 years of Internet education market scale maintained steady growth. By 2017, the Internet education market will exceed 280 billion, especially in the field of K12 online education product development most attention.

website profit fourth modes: member differentiation service

Second modes of

Sina’s reading channel is an example. Part of the book you can read free, to the later chapters, shows "VIP", that is, you need to pay to become the content to read, this is called "member differentiation service".

in primary school online education project, the project of teaching video about possession of half of the country, whether it is pre recorded video teaching form good, live or the nature of the teaching products, more than half of the online education products are concentrated in this area.

website profit: value added service

B2B: Alibaba. Between the merchant and the merchant, through the B2B platform carries on the product supply and demand and the purchase and sale.

4, to follow who learn, gentle tutor for online tutor class;

you open a DJ website, free to share a lot of DJ dance friends, and some classical dance music, members need to download. This is also an example.

website profit: search, bid,

what is value-added service? There are many examples around me. Who is my space for writing logs now, nag?. Tencent membership, what colorful diamonds, these are value-added services, you have not used it? is free, members of 10 yuan per month. This is called value-added services.

is mainly for keyword search, bidding, a key

from the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs competing placeholder, to the old education company moved to the line, from the BAT giants layout, to government policy support, K12 online education in recent years the scenery infinite, according to incomplete statistics, the Internet Research Institute of education, online education company has reached more than 2500, the operation of online education in primary and middle schools about 700 ~ 800, the vast majority of new enterprises set up nearly two or three years of primary and secondary schools, visible online education competition is hot.

typical search engine bidding system: sh419 and shlf1314 search bidding system. sh419 and shlf1314 search engine through the competitive platform to provide an advertising platform for enterprise websites, from which to collect advertising costs.

however, although the types of online education products are diversified and flowering, there are different problems and development problems in their sustainable development.

The outbreak of

website profit third modes: sales products

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