The influence of gambling on the life of an nternet entrepreneur

I have a good habit of not playing cards. The Spring Festival home everywhere many relatives will pay New Year’s call, at a table for gambling, gambling gambling, bustling. I have never joined the lively, which gives people a feeling of being out of tune.

but the depth of my character, but hidden "gambling" ingredients. This ingredient, in my life, plays an important role, affecting my life.

college entrance examination, or civil service exam


my high school grades are not very good, especially math, often fail. My overall results are generally in the three, after the forty. With this achievement, want to go to university is almost impossible.

I do not have much confidence in the university entrance examination, parents also do not have much confidence.

but there is always a dream in my heart, I am eager to live in the legend of the "beautiful" College life.

was admitted to the University on the eve of mother suddenly gave me a message, saying is big uncle as a town cadres, a little relationship, mother asked me to go to the civil service exam, said that as long as has been written, with big uncle, can be admitted.

mother and several neighbors with their decades of experience, I was admitted to the civil service tirelessly counsel, once, is how good.

but I chose not to listen to the old words, she only want to go to university.

that time, my mother and I had never been in conflict. My mother forced me to take the civil service, and I was furious.

although I know that my college entrance examination is very slim, but I still decided to gamble. I was thinking, if not, I will go to Guangdong to work.

finally gave in to her mother. She obeyed my wishes.

in order to the hearts of the lofty university dream, I put into the arduous learning.

in September 1999, I successfully admitted to the Xiangtan Normal College (now Hunan University of Science and Technology).

on that day received a university admission book, I cried, gave the heart out of the depressed.

I bet it’s a success!

became a college student, and for the first time changed my life.

nest in the home, or go out into


the last semester of senior year, start looking for a job.

I am a normal student, major in Ideological and political education. Our future career, has been doomed, is to become a middle school political teachers.

most of the students, have successfully found the work of teachers.

I’m running around for work, but I don’t have a clue.

my biggest dream was to find a teacher in Changsha, the provincial capital

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